MemoryOS is a revolutionary, award-winning EdTech app aimed at enhancing memory and recall capabilities. Co-founded by the two-time World Memory Champion, Jonas von Essen, this technology is developed with the purpose to revolutionize the world of memorization.

React, NestJS, PostgreSQL

About MemoryOS

MemoryOS is an innovative EdTech app co-founded by the two-time World Memory Champion, Jonas von Essen. The aim of this app is to revolutionize the way people memorize and recall information. By employing advanced technologies such as React, NestJS, and PostgreSQL, MemoryOS strives to provide an efficient solution for memory enhancement.


As an emerging player in the EdTech industry, MemoryOS was on the lookout for a reliable development partner that could bring their revolutionary idea to life. They needed an experienced team capable of handling the complex intricacies of their app, including integrating AI-powered learning, developing a 3D gaming environment, and designing hundreds of micro-lessons to boost memory performance.


Our team jumped in to provide MemoryOS with end-to-end development services. Utilizing our extensive knowledge in REACT, NestJS, and PostgreSQL, we developed a user-friendly, interactive app aimed at enhancing users’ memory. We implemented a range of features, including AI-driven learning modules, a 3D gaming environment, and hundreds of micro-lessons from Jonas von Essen, the two-time World Memory Champion.

“The team’s expertise and commitment to our project have been invaluable. The application they have developed not only meets but exceeds our expectations.”

Through our partnership, MemoryOS achieved: