Royaltiz development was a complex task, but our team efficiently built a secure, scalable, and user-friendly platform. Successful integration of blockchain and adherence to regulatory standards were notable accomplishments.

Node.js, React, Angular.js, PostgreSQL

About Royaltiz

Royaltiz is a unique investment platform where users can invest in individual talents. Leveraging blockchain technology, users purchase tokens (ROYs) tied to a talent’s income and popularity, allowing them to share in the talent’s financial success. The platform is designed to be secure, scalable, and user-friendly, supporting both fiat and crypto transactions. Through successful integration of advanced technology and compliance with global financial regulations, Royaltiz stands as a novel approach to investment in the 21st century.


Creating Royaltiz, a novel investment platform, presented multifaceted challenges. The platform had to be secure to safeguard user investments and personal data from potential threats, and scalable to manage surge in users and transactions during high-demand periods. A user-friendly interface was crucial for easy navigation, seamless investment in talents, tracking of investments, and withdrawal of earnings. It was necessary for the platform to flawlessly integrate with diverse payment gateways, supporting both FIAT and cryptocurrency transactions. Finally, compliance with regulatory requirements of financial markets in various regions was essential to ensure legal operation. All these elements had to be synthesized to create an unprecedented platform for investing in individuals’ talent.


Leveraging a technology stack including backend development using Python or Node.js, frontend development using React.js or Angular, and blockchain development with Solidity. Implementing PostgreSQL or MongoDB for data management, integrating secure payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal, and enforcing security using OWASP principles and SSL/TLS protocols. Regulatory compliance plugins and APIs were integrated as per regional needs. The code was tested with tools like Jest and PyTest to ensure functionality.

Through our partnership, Royaltiz achieved: