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Solidity, JavaScript, React.js, Node.js, Unity/C#

About DinoX

DinoX, a combat and strategy NFT play-to-earn game, about their upcoming Avatar Sale on Binance NFT, slated for March 24, 2022. This sale will involve 1,500 unique DinoX Avatars, each with its own special abilities and potential for strategic advantages in-game. These avatars also have their own rarity classification (COMMON, UNCOMMON, RARE, LEGENDARY, and MYTHICAL) that affects their strength and value in the market.


Our client approached us with an ambitious idea to build a unique, immersive metaverse game named DinoX, where NFT dinosaurs come to life. The project was challenging on multiple levels. The main concerns were:

  1. Creating an expansive gaming world with pixel-art NFT dinosaurs as playable characters.
  2. Implementing a play-to-earn model into the game dynamics.
  3. Designing and minting unique, tradeable Avatars with special abilities.
  4. Ensuring the game is built on secure and robust blockchain technologies.
  5. Integrating the game with prominent NFT marketplaces for the sale of NFT Avatars.
  6. Building a cross-chain platform supporting both Ethereum and Polygon blockchains.


To develop DinoX, a multidisciplinary team leveraged technologies like Solidity for blockchain and smart contract operations, JavaScript and React.js for frontend development, and Node.js for backend functionality. We used Adobe Suite and Unity for graphics and animations, OpenSea SDK and Binance Smart Chain SDK for NFT minting/trading, and C# within Unity for game logic. This blend of technologies enabled the creation of a robust, interactive, and secure gaming platform.

Through our partnership, Dinox achieved: