Gates of Ethernity

An augmented reality (AR) monster combat and collection game inspired by Pokémon Go. GoE distinguishes itself with a hyper-realistic fantasy style and by integrating NFTs as game assets. These NFTs, known as Ethernals, are integrated as in-game monsters and can be traded on the marketplace.

Unity3D, C#, Solidity, Node.js, Web3.js

About Gates of Ethernity

GOE Gates of Ethernity (GoE) is a highly addictive strategic gameplay where players are challenged to make well-thought-out decisions, given the limited number of characters to choose from in each round. The goal is not just winning but also includes the thrilling journey of collecting and crafting together the perfect team.


Our client, a startup crypto gaming company, approached us with the idea of developing a blockchain-based, play-to-earn (P2E) game that would leverage NFTs for in-game assets. They wanted a scalable solution that could accommodate a large player base, deliver real-time gameplay, and secure the NFT transactions using blockchain technology.

The key challenges included:

  1. Implementing blockchain technology within a gaming context.
  2. Creating a highly interactive, real-time gaming environment.
  3. Developing a mechanism for secure and reliable NFT transactions.
  4. Ensuring scalability and performance for a large player base.


Leveraging a diverse technology stack, we developed a blockchain-based game using Unity3D and C# for gameplay. Ethereum’s blockchain and Solidity language were utilized for secure, in-game transactions and NFT functionalities. Server-side programming was achieved with Node.js and Web3.js, while MongoDB managed the database. We ensured real-time interaction through Websockets and secure user authentication via JSON Web Tokens.

Through our partnership, MemoryOS achieved: