AIKO allows users, referred to as AIKO Masters, to mint their own unique AIKO character artwork. The character can then be interacted with and personalized through AI technology, creating an immersive and personalized experience. The project intends to differentiate itself from pornography, focusing on an erotic representation of art.

Rust, Python, JavaScript (React.js), Solidity, and IPFS

About AIKO

Aiko is the world’s first collection of NFTs for adults. Operating on the Solana blockchain, AIKO allows its users, known as AIKO Masters, to mint their own unique AIKO character artwork. Once AIKO is minted, AI technology allows Masters to interact with Aiko and share their most intimate desires with her.


Developing a robust, scalable, and secure platform that leverages blockchain technology to deliver a unique, adult-oriented digital entertainment experience. The solution needs to support the minting and trading of NFTs, handle transactions with the platform’s $ART token, and integrate AI functionalities to provide an interactive and personalized user experience.


Our studio utilized Solana’s network for its high-speed, low-cost transactions, using Rust for smart contracts. For NFT and $ART token creation, we employed the Solana SPL Token standard and Metaplex. The UI was developed with React.js, Redux for state management, while Node.js served as our backend. We used machine learning and natural language processing to make AIKO characters interactive, responding to user preferences.

Through our partnership, Aiko achieved: