Metla is an all-in-one comprehensive dashboard to help onboard new users to crypto as well as support existing ones with their day-to-day crypto needs. It has: Security tools (enterprise-grade – currently available only to big crypto exchanges, platforms etc.) Portfolio and activity tracking NFT: mint, sell, transfer, create a storefront or agallery with a custom domain attached to it De-FI – track your activity + staking, borrowing, lending etc.

React.js, Redux, Node.js, Express.js, Solidity


We used Node.js for backend development as it can handle numerous simultaneous connections with high throughput, which suits the high-traffic nature of the platform. We employed Express.js as the web application framework due to its light-weight and fast nature, allowing us to build robust APIs.


Our client approached us with the requirement of developing an all-in-one crypto management platform. They required robust security, real-time portfolio and activity tracking, NFT minting, buying, and selling features, comprehensive DeFi activity tracking, a learning center, integrated analytics, and a suite of tools for developers. The platform needed to be user-friendly and maintain high performance even with high network traffic. They also wanted it to have cross-platform compatibility.


To build the comprehensive crypto platform, we used React.js and Redux for a dynamic frontend. Node.js and Express.js served as our backend foundation, with MongoDB for data storage. We employed Solidity for smart contract development on Ethereum blockchain, and web3.js for DeFi and NFT functionality. Security protocols included OpenZeppelin for secure smart contracts. Mocha and Chai provided automated testing, while deployment was handled through Docker and AWS.

Through our partnership, Metla achieved: