Soldex is a cutting-edge, scalable, and community-driven decentralized exchange built on the Solana network. Leveraging the power of advanced machine learning and neural network algorithms, Soldex aims to address common challenges associated with decentralized exchanges, such as matching, centralization, and trustless custody.

Solana Blockchain, Rust, C, JavaScript (React.js), Python (TensorFlow and PyTorch)

About Soldex

Soldex depends heavily on development and governance implemented by a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). This system allows the project to be managed by the community according to a constitutional code of conduct. In addition, this system enables the team behind the project to spread the decision-making power evenly among the DAO’s members. By allowing this, the project ensures that the interests of all voters are adequately represented. In the coming days, as diversity increases and the system matures, Soldex will become increasingly autonomous, healthy, and self-sustainable.


Our team was tasked with building a DEX on the Solana Network with advanced features such as AI-driven trading bots, liquidity pooling, and community governance. The challenge was to ensure that the platform could handle a large number of transactions per second while maintaining low transaction fees. Another aspect was ensuring the secure implementation of AI bots and smart contracts to enable seamless, trustless trading. Given the relatively new terrain of Solana’s ecosystem, navigating its specific technology stack and dealing with potential lack of extensive community support and resources was another anticipated challenge.


We used Solana’s high-throughput blockchain, programmed in native languages Rust and C for optimal performance. For web interfaces, JavaScript (React.js) was employed. Smart contracts were developed with Solana’s Solang, while Python supported the creation of AI trading bots with TensorFlow and PyTorch libraries. Security was ensured with audits throughout the process, and Docker streamlined our development environment and deployment. This blend of technology allowed us to deliver a high-performance DEX on the Solana network.

Through our partnership, Soldex achieved: