Spatial, a leading metaverse technology company, enables creators and brands to build their own spaces in the metaverse, where they can share culture, create and sell their creative works and products.

Unity3D, C#, React

About Spatial

Spatial was founded in 2016 with the vision of creating an ‘infinite desktop’ for AR collaboration. Since the COVID pandemic, Spatial adapted to serve unexpected growth use cases, such as art galleries, social meetups, and remote university courses. The platform aims to be the go-to metaverse for culture, offering unique advantages over other metaverse platforms.


Our studio was tasked with developing a metaverse project that would provide users with immersive experiences, enable collaboration, and support the creation and monetization of 3D spaces and NFTs. The challenge was to create a robust and user-friendly platform that could accommodate a variety of use cases, including social gatherings, art galleries, and virtual marketplaces. The challenge was to evolve Spatial from a VR app for workplace collaboration to a fully-fledged metaverse that facilitates user-generated content, NFT sales, and social gatherings in customizable environments.


Our solution involved developing a metaverse platform that offers a customizable 3D environment for users to create unique spaces. We implemented real-time collaboration features, including voice chat and video conferencing, to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration among users. We integrated blockchain technology for NFT creation and marketplace integration, allowing users to securely mint and trade their digital assets. The platform was made accessible across multiple devices and platforms, and we integrated third-party services for enhanced functionality and social sharing. With a scalable and secure infrastructure, our solution empowered creators to build, collaborate, and monetize their creations in an immersive metaverse environment.

Through our partnership, Spatial achieved: